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MEET OUR TRAINERS | Cardio Club With Chris Smith

As part of the InnerGood Place Fitness Programme at Regent’s Place which aims to boost your health and wellbeing, Chris Smith runs a 10-week Cardio Club every Wednesday evening.

This month, we interviewed Chris for his top tips and what to expect from his sessions…

Tell us about yourself and your background.

In 2006 I drove to London looking for a new opportunity. Having worked as a trekking guide abroad and being an avid sportsman I knew I was looking for a career in something fitness related. I stumbled around aimlessly for a while, trying to cope with the demands of the Big Smoke. 10 years on and it’s been a remarkable journey. In 2010 I launched my corporate fitness business, Zip Fit Club. The idea came off the back of a health and wellness presentation at Google offices and it was a conversation with a time poor, working mum that gave me the idea to provide short, effective and convenient workouts for busy people. I’m on a mission to show how my holistic approach to health and fitness can transform people’s lives.

How do you ensure you feel ‘in a good place’ on a daily basis?

Ha! This isn’t an easy task for anyone. I place very high value on having good physical and mental health, but it takes daily practice and the acceptance that some days will be better than others. I see my wellbeing as a lifestyle choice, not a short term fix when I’m putting on a few pounds or going on holiday. 

Cardio Club Taster at InnerGood Place Mind & Body Event

What top three tips do you have to feel good on the inside and out?

  1. Start exercising but make sure it’s something you enjoy, otherwise you may find that you lose motivation very quickly. 
  2. Read self-help books on mindfulness. There are some amazing books out there and they really make a difference. 
  3. Don’t get caught up following the latest fad diet. Drink lots of H2O, eat fresh, natural produce and educate yourself about the stuff that is going in your body. Education is key.

Are they any new food or fitness trends you think we should know about?

HIIT training has been the top fitness trend for three years running. A plethora of scientific studies continue to prove that short, fast, effective workouts are incredibly good for us, as long as they are done in a safe and controlled way. 

Chris on our panel at InnerGood Place Mind & Body Event

What will you be bringing to the 10-week fitness programme?

The HIIT training sessions will be fun and a great stress reliever after a tough day in the office. They’re about balance, stability, core strength and improving cardiovascular fitness. I want all participants to feel comfortable going at their own pace. As I mentioned earlier – these fitness strategies need to be become lifestyle changes. It’s a not a race!

How do you expect people to be feeling after the 10-week programme?

If people stick with it they will feel energised, stronger, better balanced and leaner. In 10 weeks they can build solid foundations and move forward with more knowledge and better body awareness.

You can sign up to Chris’ Cardio Club hereIt’s just £20 for 10 weeks and your fee goes straight into Regent’s Place Community Fund so you also do your bit for a local project.

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