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London in Common: Around the City in 80 Festivals

The Great Get Together, inspired by the late MP Jo Cox, is a nation-wide event designed to embrace and celebrate diverse and connected communities, that make us stronger, more tolerant, and understanding of others. 

Inaugurated by The Jo Cox Foundation to honour her legacy, with the More in Common community, this celebration takes place over the weekend of 19-21 June.

MP Jo Cox was a champion of UK diversity. Her maiden speech in parliament included the words: “We have more in common than that which divides us”. Jo was tragically murdered in 2016 in an act of far-right nationalist extremism. Her family and friends founded The Great Together to remember Jo and celebrate her legacy.

Whilst we can’t physically get together this year to celebrate friendship and diversity in our communities, we are able to mark this occasion online, thanks to photographer Steve Hollingshead and his exhibition London in Common.

Organised by Outings in Art, a community partner of Regent’s Place, London in Common is a beautiful digital presentation paying tribute to the diversity, creativity, eccentricity and spirituality of Londoners over the past 20 years. With an introduction by acclaimed actor Andy Serkis and set to a contemplative soundscape, there are over 500 images illustrating a kaleidoscope of communities coming together over a myriad of celebrations and events across our great city.

Although it can be challenging to connect whilst in lockdown, take a little time this weekend to view London in Common and connect with your community. Whether that’s your family in the house, a socially distanced chat over the garden wall with your neighbour, or a video call with your friends.

You can view London in Common here. 

For more ideas on how to come together (at a distance) this weekend or to donate to The Jo Cox Foundation, click here.

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