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In Conversation With: The Regent’s Place Team

Inclusivity is a huge part of working at Regent’s Place and with over 100 people in our team, we work together to ensure everyone feels valued and included. As part of National Inclusion Week (September 28 – October 4), we spoke with a few members of the Regent’s Place team about their lives, experiences and how they think inclusivity helps to make the neighbourhood a great place to work.


Nina Lengthorn, Estate Director

What is your job title at Regent’s Place and what are you responsible for?
As the Estate Director for Regent’s Place I lead the team of property management professionals in all aspects of property and facilities operations for our community of 14,000 workers and residents across our 13 acre campus. In addition to the technical, people and financial management responsibilities I am responsible for the overall delivery of our placemaking, sustainability, occupier services, community engagement and operational excellence.

How long have you worked at Regent’s Place?
I joined Regent’s Place as the Estate Director at the beginning of June 2020 but had worked on the campus previously for 5 years. I returned following a time spent employed on other projects for British Land such as our exciting Canada Water development. 

What is your favourite thing about working at Regent’s Place?
I joined Regent’s Place whilst we were in the middle of Covid-19 lockdown and aside from reconnecting with friends and colleagues I have loved working with our fantastic and diverse team of professionals. The last few months have been challenging for many of us and I have been especially proud of the Regent’s Place team in their continued service standards and support to each other, to our customers and local community. It is this connectedness across our teams and neighbourhood that I have most valued over the first few months in my role at Regent’s Place. 

What does inclusion mean to you?
Inclusion enables us all to live our lives and carry out our roles (both at home and work) by respecting and valuing each other’s contribution and participation. Without the richness and diversity of our respective backgrounds and experiences we are lessened in our communities and as a society.

Where did you work before you came to Regent’s Place? What other jobs/careers have you had?
I started my career working for Unilever analysing chemical properties of products in a laboratory setting. After a couple of years, I moved internally and trained to become a specialist in sensory science. Many people may not be aware that there are of groups of trained individuals who taste and analyse nearly all of the commonplace food stuffs we buy in the shops, in a manner similar to wine tasting. In this capacity I led a team of ‘tasters’ in my field of specialty, tea, chocolate and low-fat margarines. 

After a couple of years, I decided to change career direction and pursued a place at University deviating slightly from my science-based qualifications to study Psychology (BSc). During this time, I worked part time in retail for a couple of years, as a receptionist in a hairdressing salon, and during the summer breaks could be found working in a call centre, data inputting and for a while I worked nights putting the jelly in pork pies.

Following the successful completion of my degree I took an opportunity to travel to Beijing, China, and worked for several years for the British Embassy. During this time I managed the fleet of Embassy cars and their drivers and the arrangements for all VIP visits or temporary visitors, visits that included Tony Blair and Robin Cook. It was when I returned from China that I commenced my career in Property Management with British Land. Over the course of the last 20 years in the sector I have worked across a diverse portfolio of properties and estates.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy riding my motorbike to work and during my leisure time. The recent lockdown has also kindled an enthusiasm for cycling in my local area. This relatively new hobby has been of particular benefit in view of my love of baking. I have trained in cake decorating and sugarcraft and when opportunity allows, I can be found creating a bespoke cake for a friend or family member.

How many languages can you speak?
Whilst my linguistic skills are largely restricted to the English language I have acquired a smattering of functional Mandarin Chinese during my time spent working for the British Embassy in Beijing, China.


Loren Pereira, Assistant Property Manager 

What is your job title at Regent’s Place and what are you responsible for?
I’m the assistant property manager for 20 Triton Street and the property manager for Yalding House.

What is your favourite thing about working at Regent’s Place?
My team. We all have a great relationship and that really helps when it comes to solving difficult situations. We can rely on each other’s expertise and share best practises. I love being part of the community initiatives and the fact that Regent’s Place innovates new initiatives which are picked up by the wider team at British Land.

What does inclusion mean to you?
To be able to be your whole authentic self in any setting where you are not treated differently from others.

Where did you work before you came to Regent’s Place? What other jobs/careers have you had?
I started my career in the building industry working for an energy and services facilities management company and started working on projects which pushed me to evolve within the building industry.  There aren’t many black or female leads in the entire industry and I want to be part of that change.

What are your hobbies?
I like to be in nature, going for walks or just sitting in outside. Indoors, I love to play the electric guitar and drums and I absolutely love anything paranormal, so I’m often found enjoying paranormal or crime themed podcasts and documentaries.

How many languages can you speak?
I speak English (as I was born here) and I learned a little Spanish from school, I love the Spanish language.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mother.  She has always supported every decision that I’ve made and she has enabled me and my siblings to strive for success in whichever way we see success, you cannot get a better role model than someone who lets you be your whole self.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’ and ‘You can’t taste food by reading the menu’, as in you must try it before you judge it.

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