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Art @ Regent’s Place – Creative Reflections

Here at Regent’s Place, the public artwork throughout our campus offers the perfect escape from the every-day, helping to sustain a positive and energised outlook. As studies continue to suggest that engaging with art can be beneficial to both your mental and physical wellbeing, immerse yourself in a world of mindful creativity and join our Art Curator, Rosie Glenn, as she takes a closer look at a selection of reflective pieces here at Regent’s Place.


Immersive Reflections

Firstly, make your way to the ground floor lobby of 20 Triton Street to experience Approach SplitGary Webb’s immersive assembly. Conceived on a monumental scale, here a series of mirrors – some plain, some coloured and some gold – are positioned at varying angles to create a shimmering environment which captures the light and movement within the surrounding space. Gaze upwards and look backwards, envelop yourself in a world of playful wonder as the subtle variations in shade and position create a mesmerising series of reflections throughout the lobby.

Outside Reflections

Outside, just along Triton Street, take five minutes to immerse yourself in the majestic Pavilion construction designed by the award-winning London based architectural practice, Carmody Groarke. Configured to represent an avenue of ornamental trees, supporting a bountiful canopy of leaves, this structure reflects our commitment to green spaces and relaxation and, of course, provides a link to our neighbours in nearby Regent’s Park. Why not meander through the pathways and take a seat within this inspiring construction, taking time to enjoy the surrounding reflections and the adjacent silver birch trees whose slender shapes mirror the Pavilion’s architectural forms.

Mindful Reflections

Finally, head over to the entrance lobby of 350 Euston Road to view Reflection by Antony Gormley, one of the most celebrated artists of his era. Creating mindful installations which invite the viewer to contemplate their very existence, Gormley investigates the relationship of the human body to space, exploring the fundamental questions about where human beings stand in relation to nature and cosmos. Through his sculpture, often cast from his own body as in our two-part reflective sculpture, Gormley is seeking to generate a space in which new behaviours, thoughts and feelings can arise.


Our Public Art collection, complemented by a programme of creative events, mindful retreats and energising exercise classes, contributes to the individual atmosphere at Regent’s Place and helps sustain a positive work-life balance. Why not schedule some time each week to reflect further and celebrate the inspiration creativity can bring to your every-day routine? Click HERE to download our free Art Guide and uncover more.

Want to get your mind & body in tune? Find out all about the InnerGood Place Mind & Body event and outdoor fitness programme here

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