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Making a positive difference

We help our customers connect to opportunities that increase their impact in the local community.

Aspirational employment

Together with our customers, suppliers and community partners, we have the power to strengthen our workforce whilst making a positive local impact; by increasing access to good jobs through a focus on aspirational skills, training and employment opportunities.

Healthy, fair & inclusive

2,500 local people benefited from our Regent’s Place community programme last year.


800+ local people benefited from our Regents Place community programme last year.


200 young people gained virtual work experience with our Regent’s Place team and customers last year.


38 years of partnering with our Camden community – including schools, youth groups and employability organisations


All customers can connect with each other and local partners through campus networks.

London Living Wage

Everyone we employ on our customers’ behalf at Regents Place is paid at least the London Living Wage.

We're on a mission

We continually invest to improve the experience and wellbeing of everyone who visits, as we transition Regent’s Place to net zero by 2030 – from creating over 66,600 sq ft of green roofs and gardens to integrating smart technology across the campus.