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Get Involved

There are many reasons to get involved with Regent’s Place Community Fund. First and foremost there is real need in the local area, such local communities are often overlooked by global community strategies, and with that there is a massive opportunity to make a difference.

Individuals can donate to the Fund and/or fundraise for the Fund on our Golden Giving platform.

Businesses can get involved by making a donation and joining the Project Team. Partnering with the Fund allows businesses to:

  • Collaborate with other businesses and industries
  • Become embedded in the local community
  • Access local volunteering opportunities for staff
  • Acquire a real understanding of local needs
  • Build a local network
  • Improve staff wellbeing, recruitment and retention
  • Employee up skilling
  • Gain access to a new talent pool and improve diversity
  • Improve brand perception
  • Make a tangible difference to the local area



  • Chairs the quarterly Project Team Meeting.
  • Coordinates the charitable bank account.
  • Coordinates an on-line fundraising page for personal contributions and events.


  • Composed of representatives from the Founders, Partners and Members, and other stakeholders, elected on a yearly basis by peers.
  • Selects projects to be awarded funding from a shortlist of applications.


  • Comprises representatives of Founders, Partners and Members, nominated by their organisations. Most likely to be dedicated CSR or community relations people.
  • Chaired by Regent’s Place Management
  • Meets quarterly to track progress and discuss opportunities with local community organisations, whether supported or not.
  • Ensures that all corporate donations are correctly collected into the Fund’s bank account.
  • Coordinates any additional fundraising into a dedicated on-line fundraising account.
  • Coordinates internal and external communications about the Fund, particularly with occupiers and all those that live and work at Regent’s Place.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Regent’s Place Community Fund please contact [email protected].