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Filming And Promotions



Filming and photography at Regent’s Place

Regent’s Place is happy to try and accommodate all filming requests where possible. For items such as news coverage and filming/photography for private use we will just need to assess the area in which we allow filming to take place. This is to ensure that any health and safety issues are considered for example pedestrian access. All photography and filming of a commercial nature is subject to a charge, please contact us for more details and a rate card.

Before the commencement of filming or photography on the Regent’s Place Campus you need to complete and submit a filming agreement form before arriving on-site. If the filming is of a last minute nature we would just ask that you make yourself known to the team when you arrive on-site or call the Events & Communications Team on 0207 380 6063 prior to arrival.

Please email [email protected] with all requests and they will be dealt with by our team.

Please note that your request is not agreed until you have received notification from the Regent’s Place Team. When applying, please be as specific as possible about the locations and subject you intend to film or photograph. You can download a map of the Campus here.

If you have any additional questions, contact the Regent’s Place Events and Communications Team on 0207 380 6063 or [email protected].

Events and Promotions at Regent’s Place
With a variety of spaces both externally and internally, we can help you to deliver a spectacular event, however big or small.

Regent’s Place is currently home to 20,000 making it the ideal place for your brand to be seen and heard.

If you would like to find out more contact the contact our Events and Communications team on 0207 380 6063 or [email protected].